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Publication numberCN1794115 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 200510132673
Publication date28 Jun 2006
Filing date20 Dec 2005
Priority date20 Dec 2004
Also published asCN1794115B, EP1672442A1, EP1672442B1, US7292505, US20060133217
Publication number200510132673.3, CN 1794115 A, CN 1794115A, CN 200510132673, CN-A-1794115, CN1794115 A, CN1794115A, CN200510132673, CN200510132673.3
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Instrument for measuring intervals of time comprising a ringing mechanism
CN 1794115 A
Abstract  translated from Chinese
本发明公开了一种测量时间间隔的仪表,包括至少能够启动、停止以及重置为零的计时器机构(4),所述仪表(1)的特征在于,它还包括至少在计时器机构(4)启动时发出声信号的振铃机构(6)。 The present invention discloses a method of measuring the time interval meter, comprising at least be able to start, stop and reset to zero of the timer means (4), the meter (1) is characterized in that it further comprises at least a timer mechanism ( 4) audible signal ringing mechanism (6) at startup.
Claims(11)  translated from Chinese
1.一种测量时间间隔的仪表,该仪表包括至少能够启动、停止以及重置为零的计时器机构(4),所述装置(1)的特征在于,它还包括至少在计时器机构(4)启动时发出声信号的振铃机构(6)。 A time interval measuring instrument, the instrument comprising at least be able to start, stop and reset to zero of the timer means (4), said device (1) is characterized in that it further comprises at least a timer mechanism ( 4) audible signal ringing mechanism (6) at startup.
2.根据权利要求1的仪表,其特征在于,计时器机构包括一纵轮装置(10),该纵轮装置与一控制元件(48)相互作用,该控制元件具有数目等于或两倍于纵轮装置(10)的立柱(16)的数目的齿(50),并至少在计时器机构(4)启动时致动振铃机构(6)。 2. The instrument according to claim 1, characterized in that the timer means comprises a vertical wheel means (10), the vertical wheel means and a control element (48) interacts with the control element number equal to or twice the longitudinal Column (16) of the wheel assembly (10) of the number of teeth (50), and the actuating mechanism when the ringing timer means (4) starts at least (6).
3.根据权利要求2的仪表,其特征在于,齿(50)与立柱(16)制成一个部件。 3. Instrument according to claim 2, characterized in that the teeth (50) and the column (16) is made of a member.
4.根据权利要求2的仪表,其特征在于,控制元件(48)包括一个环,齿(50)立于该环的表面上,并且该环被固定到立柱(16)上。 4. The instrument according to claim 2, characterized in that the control element (48) comprises a ring gear (50) remain on the surface of the ring, and the ring is fixed to the uprights (16).
5.根据权利要求2到4中的任一项的仪表,其特征在于,控制元件(48)经由一释放杆(34)作用于振铃机构(6),该释放杆能够枢转并且具有两个沿直径相对的径向臂(36a,36b)。 5. The instrument according to any one of 2 to 4 according to claim, characterized in that the control element (48) via a release lever (34) acting on the ring means (6), the release lever can be pivoted and having two a diametrically opposed radial arms (36a, 36b).
6.根据权利要求5的仪表,其特征在于,控制元件(48)通过利用它的一个齿(50)作用于所述杆(34)的臂(36a)来控制释放杆(34)的枢转,所述杆(34)通过它的另一个臂(36b)抵抗一致动弹簧(30)的回复力而使得敲击锤(22)离开其平衡位置。 6. The instrument according to claim 5, characterized in that the control element (48) by using one of its teeth (50) acting on said rod (34) of the arm (36a) to control the release lever (34) pivoting , said rod (34) through its other arm (36b) actuating the spring resistance (30) such that the restoring force percussion hammer (22) away from its equilibrium position.
7.根据权利要求6的仪表,其特征在于,随着释放杆(34)逐渐枢转,该释放杆的臂(36a)沿与该臂啮合的齿(50)滑动直至所述臂(36a)脱离所述齿(50)的时刻,然后致动弹簧(30)被释放并驱动敲击锤(22)敲击一铃碗(24)。 7. The instrument of claim 6, characterized in that, with the release lever (34) is gradually pivoted, the release lever arm (36a) along the arm engages with a tooth (50) until said slide arm (36a) from the time the tooth (50), and the actuating spring (30) is released and driven percussion hammer (22) striking a bell bowl (24).
8.根据权利要求6或7的仪表,其特征在于,释放杆(34)驱动固定在敲击锤(22)上的销(28a)。 8. The instrument of claim 6 or 7, characterized in that the release lever (34) in the percussion hammer drive fixing pin (22) (28a).
9.根据权利要求5到8中的任一项的仪表,其特征在于,释放杆(34)的位置由一弹簧(38)标示。 9. 5-8 in the instrument according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the release lever (34) position by a spring (38) indicated.
10.根据权利要求6到9中的任一项的仪表,其特征在于,作用于固定在敲击锤(22)上的销(28b)的一回位弹簧(32)使所述锤返回其平衡位置。 According to claims 6-9 to any one of the instrument, wherein the percussion hammer acting on the fixed pin (22) (28b) of a return spring (32) causing the hammer to return to their equilibrium position.
11.根据权利要求2到10中的任一项的仪表,其特征在于,振铃机构(6)包括一带簧(54),当一齿(50)经过时该带簧离开其平衡位置然后被释放以敲击铃碗(24),并且随后该带簧返回其平衡位置直至下一个齿(50)经过。 11. 2-10 The instrument according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the ring means (6) includes a band spring (54), when a tooth (50) passes through the band spring away from its equilibrium position and then released to percussion bell bowl (24), and then the band spring to return to its equilibrium position until the next tooth (50) through.
Description  translated from Chinese
包含振铃机构的用于测量时间间隔的仪表 Instruments include ringing mechanism for measuring time intervals

技术领域 FIELD

本发明涉及一种包含振铃机构的用于测量时间间隔的仪表。 The present invention relates to an instrument comprising ringing means for measuring the time interval. 本发明尤其涉及一种包含计时器机构的钟表。 The present invention particularly relates to a timepiece comprising a timer mechanism. 这种类型的钟表可以是怀表、手表,或者是体育或工业用计数器,该类钟表具有不显示当前时间的特性并且不仅仅用来测量时间间隔。 This type can be a pocket watch, watch, or sports or industrial counter such watches have features not display the current time and only used to measure time intervals.


计时器是添加到手表的机芯上的一种附加机构,可用来测量体育事件、工业操作、实验室试验或任何其它要求对操作计时的应用中所经过的时间。 The timer is added to an additional mechanism on the watch movement, can be used to measure the sports event, industrial operations, laboratory testing, or any other request for the operation timing of the application of the elapsed time. 在按钮上施加压力来启动和停止计时器的指针。 To start and stop the timer pointer to put pressure on the button. 在另一个按钮上另外施加压力使指针重置为零。 In addition to exert pressure on another button so that the pointer is reset to zero. 根据计时器机构的复杂程度,也可以设想在短暂中断后重启该机构或者甚至利用飞返指针(fly-back hand)。 Depending on the complexity of the timer mechanism can also be envisaged to restart after a brief interruption of the institution or even the use of retrograde pointer (fly-back hand).

目前市场上能够得到的计时器机构其缺点在于它们启动时没有任何声音。 At present, the timer mechanism can be obtained on the market the disadvantage that there is no sound when they start. 这对于例如体育教练是非常不利的,他需要转移对运动员的注视以确定计时器机构确实启动了,这一反应会导致测量误差。 For example, it is very detrimental to sports coaches, athletes need to transfer his gaze to determine the timer mechanism does start, this reaction can lead to measurement errors. 对于任何工业物理的或实验室的现象的测量也存在同样的问题。 For any industrial or laboratory physical phenomena measurements are also the same problem. 执行测量的人员本能地想要去注视计时器以确定计时器在工作从而停止了对他或她应该观察的现象的注视。 Personnel to perform measurements instinctively want to go watch timer to determine the timer to stop work on the phenomenon he or she should observe the gaze.


本发明的一个目标是通过提供一种计时器机构以克服这一缺陷以及其它的缺陷,该计时器机构使得使用者能够在视线不离开其持续时间需要测量的事件的情况下知道该计时器机构是否已正常启动。 Knowing an object of the present invention is achieved by providing a timer mechanism to overcome this shortcoming and other shortcomings, the chronograph mechanism allows the user to without departing from its duration event to be measured in the line of sight of the chronograph mechanism is running normally.

本发明从而涉及一种用来测量时间间隔的仪表,该仪表包括至少能够启动、停止和重置为零的计时器机构,该仪表的特征在于,它还包括至少在计时器机构启动时发出声信号的振铃机构。 The present invention thus relates to a time interval measuring instrument, the instrument includes at least be able to start, stop and reset to zero the timer mechanism, the instrument is characterized in that it comprises at least emit sound when you start the timer mechanism ringing mechanism signal.

根据这些特征,本发明提供了一种测量时间间隔的仪表,该仪表通过发出振铃声音告知其使用者计时器机构已经启动。 According to these features, the present invention provides for a measuring time interval meter, the meter by issuing a ringing sound to inform its user has started a timer mechanism. 使用者从而通过听觉得知计时器机构已经正常启动,从而能够一直注视他希望计时持续时间的事件上面。 Thus the user through the auditory timer mechanism that has been properly started, so he hopes the event can always watch timer duration above.

铃声至少在计时器机构启动时响起。 Ringtone sounded when the timer mechanism, at least to start. 然而,优选可以设想当使用者按下一控制元件以停止计时器机构和/或重置计时器机构时铃也会响。 However, it is preferred when the user presses one can imagine to stop the timer control element agencies and / or reset the timer mechanism will be when the bell rang.

为达到这一目的,同时根据本发明的一个附加特征,计时器机构包括一纵轮装置(column wheel),该纵轮装置与一控制元件相互作用,该控制元件具有数目等于或两倍于纵轮装置的立柱的数目的齿,并至少在计时器机构启动时触发振铃机构。 For this purpose, at the same time according to an additional feature of the invention, the timer means comprises a vertical wheel means (column wheel), the vertical wheel means interacting with a control element, the control element having a number equal to or twice the longitudinal column means the number of teeth of the wheel, and at least the ringing mechanism is triggered when the timer means is actuated.

当控制元件的齿的数目等于纵轮装置的立柱的数目时,仅在计时器机构启动时有铃声响起,而如果齿的数目等于立柱数目的两倍时,当计时器机构启动和停止时都有铃声响起。 When the number of teeth of the control element is equal to the number of columns of vertical wheel means, the timer means starts only when there is ringing, and if the number of teeth is equal to twice the number of the column, when the start and stop the timer mechanism are There are rings.

附图说明 Brief Description

通过下面参考附图对根据本发明的测量时间间隔的仪表的示例性实施例的详细说明,可以更清楚地发现本发明的其它特征和优点,该示例仅作为非限制性的举例给出。 By the following detailed description with reference to the accompanying drawings of an exemplary embodiment according to the measurement time interval of the instrument of the present invention may be more clearly see other features and advantages of the present invention, this example only as non-limiting examples are given. 在附图中:-图1是容纳一计时器机构和一振铃机构的表壳的示意性平面图;-图2是图1中被圆周包围的区域的较大比例视图,示出计时器机构的纵轮装置及与该计时器机构相互作用的振铃机构;-图3是计时器机构和振铃机构的正视图;-图4是纵轮装置及与其相互作用的控制元件的第一实施例的透视图;-图5是纵轮装置及与其相互作用的控制元件的第二实施例的透视图;以及-图6是计时器机构及与其相互作用的振铃机构的第二实施例的示意性平面图。 In the drawings: - Figure 1 is a timer mechanism accommodating case and a ringing mechanism schematic plan view; - Figure 2 is a larger view of the area ratio in Figure 1 is surrounded by a circumferential, illustrating the timer mechanism The vertical wheel device and ringing institutions and the timer mechanism of interaction; - Figure 3 is a front view of the chronograph mechanism and the ringing mechanism of FIG; - Figure 4 is a first embodiment of the vertical wheel device and its interaction control elements Example perspective view; - Figure 5 is a perspective view of a second embodiment of the wheel means and interacts with a longitudinal control element; and - Figure 6 is a second embodiment of the timer mechanism and the ringing mechanism of their interaction a schematic plan view.


本发明源于这样一个总的发明思想,即,使常规的计时器机构与振铃机构相互作用,该振铃机构至少在计时器机构启动时,优选地还在所述计时器机构停止时发出声信号。 The present invention stems from the general inventive idea, that is, the conventional chronograph mechanism with ringing agency interaction, at least when the agency started ringing timer mechanism, preferably also issued a stop when the timer mechanism acoustic signal. 从而启动或停止计时器机构的使用者得益于听觉上的确认,这使得他不必使眼睛离开他需要计时的体育、工业或其它事件片刻,而能够确认所述计时器机构工作正常。 Thus the user to start or stop the timer mechanism of thanks on the confirmation hearing, which makes him not that he needs to leave the eye chronograph sports, industrial or other events for a moment, and be able to confirm the timer mechanism to work properly. 从而测量的精确性也大大提高。 Thus measuring accuracy is greatly improved.

下面将相对于手表来说明本发明。 Watch will now be described with respect to the present invention. 当然,本发明适用于任何类型的钟表,例如尤其是怀表。 Of course, the present invention is applicable to any type of timepiece, such as in particular a pocket watch. 更广泛地说,本发明可以应用于任何包含时基但其目的不是显示当前时间而只用来测量经过的时间的仪表,如体育或工业用计数器。 More broadly, the present invention can be applied to any material that contains a time base, but the purpose is not only used to display the current time and measuring the elapsed time of the instrument, such as sports or industrial counter.

在此不详细说明与根据本发明的振铃机构相互作用的计时器机构。 In this detailed description of the chronograph mechanism is not in accordance with the interaction ring mechanism of the present invention. 实际上,具有纵轮装置的常规类型的计时器机构对于本领域的技术人员是公知的。 In fact, conventional-type timer mechanism having vertical wheel means skilled in the art are well known. 针对本发明的目的,将很容易想到,这类计时器机构主要包括一个纵轮装置,该纵轮装置被制成单个部件,并由一个棘轮齿圈以及与齿圈垂直的立柱构成。 For purposes of this invention, will readily think of, such a chronograph mechanism including vertical wheel means, the wheel means is made as a single longitudinal member, and a ratchet ring gear and constituted by a vertical column of the ring gear. 当计时器机构启动时,一操作杆钩使得纵轮装置的棘轮转过一步。 When the timer mechanism starts making an operating rod hook ratchet wheel device turned vertical step. 同时,一接合杆的喙状尖端落入两个立柱之间的间隔,使得由走针轮系驱动的接合轮与计时器轮副啮合。 Meanwhile, a beak-like tip of the rod engages fall interval between the two uprights, making the walking train wheel drive wheel meshing engagement with the timer wheel. 当计时器机构停止时,操作杆钩再次使纵轮装置的棘轮转过另一步。 When the timer to stop the operating rod vertical hook again ratchet wheel device turned another step. 一制动杆经由其喙状尖端落入纵轮装置的间隔内并压在计时器轮副上使其停止。 And pressed on to stop the timer wheel vice brake lever fall within one vertical wheel device via its beak-like tip interval. 同时,接合轮从计时器轮副移开。 At the same time, the engagement ring is removed from the timer wheel deputy. 最后,当重置计时器机构时,一锤敲击固定安装于计时器轮副上的中心件使得计时器指针返回。 Center piece Finally, when the reset timer mechanism, a hammer to tap the fixed installation on a timer so that the timer wheel vice pointer returned. 关于计时器机构的完整说明,可以参考1988年在Editions de la Fédération des Ecoles Techniques(瑞士)发表的题为“Théoried'horlogerie”的集体著作,本文将其引入作为参考。 For a complete description on the timer mechanism, you can refer titled 1988 at Editions de la Fédération des Ecoles Techniques (Switzerland) published "Théoried'horlogerie" collective works, which is incorporated herein by reference.

图1到图3示出了根据本发明的手表的第一实施例。 Figures 1 to 3 show a first embodiment of the watch according to the invention. 手表总体由总的参考标号1表示,该手表包括一容纳计时器机构4和振铃机构6的壳体2。 1 generally represented by the general wristwatch reference numerals, the watch timer mechanism comprising a housing accommodating means 4 and the ring 6 2.

计时器机构4主要包括在一机板12上枢转的纵轮装置10。 The timer mechanism 4 mainly comprises a board 12 on a vertical pivot wheel means 10. 纵轮装置10被制成一体部件,并由称作棘轮的一个齿圈14和垂直于齿圈14制造的立柱16组成。 A ring gear wheel means 10 is a longitudinal member integrally formed by known ratchet 14 and the ring gear 14 is perpendicular to the manufacture of the composition of the shank 16. 每次操作计时器机构(启动;停止;重置)时,一操作杆钩18使得纵轮装置10的棘轮14顺时针转过一步。 Each operation timer mechanism (start; stop; reset) when an operating lever 18 so that the vertical hook ratchet wheel device 10 is turned clockwise to step 14.

振铃机构6安装在夹板20上,并主要包括一敲击锤22,该敲击锤在夹板20上枢转并能够通过它的头部26敲击铃碗24。 Ringing mechanism 6 is mounted on the plywood 20, and mainly includes a striking hammer 22, the percussion hammer can pivot and its head 26 by striking the bell 20 on the bowl 24 in the splint. 固定到敲击锤22上的两个销28a和28b分别与一致动弹簧30和一回位弹簧32配合操作,这两个弹簧的作用将在下面说明。 Two pins secured to the percussion hammer 28a and 28b, respectively, an actuating spring 30 and a return spring 32 with the operation 22, the roles of the two springs will be described below.

计时器机构4经由一释放杆34运动连接到振铃机构6上,该释放杆在夹板20和机板12之间枢转并具有两个在直径方向上相对的径向臂36a和36b。 The timer mechanism 4 is connected via a release lever 34 is moved to the ring mechanism 6, the release lever 20 and the plywood board 12 and having a pivot between two opposite radial arms 36a in the radial direction and 36b. 释放杆34的位置由一定位杆簧38来标示,该定位杆簧经由其喙状自由端40与所述释放杆34的一延伸部42紧靠在一起。 Location of the release lever 34 is positioned by a lever spring 38 to mark the end of the positioning rod spring through its beak-like freedom and the release lever 40 an extending portion 34 of 42 close together. 更具体地,延伸部42具有与定位杆簧38的喙状尖端40的平板部分46平行的一平坦部分44。 More specifically, the extending portion 42 has a spring 38 with the alignment bar beak-shaped tip 40 of the flat plate portion 46 parallel to a flat portion 44.

一控制元件48与纵轮装置10相互作用。 A control device 48 and the vertical wheel element 10 interactions. 根据图4示出的第一种变型,该控制元件48包括数目与纵轮装置10的立柱16的数目相等的齿50。 According to Figure 4 a first variant shown, the control element 48 is equal to the number of teeth 50 comprises a number of column 10 and the vertical wheel means 16. 位于立柱16上方的这些齿50可以与所述立柱16制成一个部件。 Located above the shank 16 with the teeth 50 of the shank 16 may be made of a member. 控制元件48也可以制成一个单独的环的形式,均匀间隔开的齿50立在环的表面上,可以通过任何适当的方法将环固定在立柱16的顶部。 Control element 48 may also be made in the form of a separate ring, uniformly spaced teeth 50 stand on the surface of the ring, may be by any suitable method of ring 16 fixed to the top of the column.

根据图5所示的第二种变型,控制元件48包括数目是立柱16的数目的两倍的齿50。 According to a second variant shown in Figure 5, the control element 48 comprises a number of uprights 16 is twice the number of teeth 50. 由图5可以看出,控制元件48制成一个环52的形式,环的表面上立有均匀间隔开的齿50。 As can be seen from Figure 5, the control element 48 is made in the form of a ring 52, the upper surface of the ring there stands uniformly spaced teeth 50. 该环52可通过任何适当的方法固定在立柱16的顶部,以便两个齿中的一个位于立柱16的上方,而下一个齿则位于两个连续的立柱16之间的间隔的上方。 The ring 52 may be secured by any suitable method in the top of the column 16 so that the teeth of one of the two uprights 16 located above, and the next tooth 16 is located above the interval between two consecutive columns.

在上文中说明的机构的操作如下。 Operation in the above described mechanism is as follows. 当启动计时器机构4时,操作杆钩18使纵轮装置10的棘轮14顺时针转过一步。 When you start the timer mechanism 4, the operating lever 18 causes vertical hook ratchet wheel device 10 is turned clockwise to step 14. 同时,控制元件48使释放杆34逆时针枢转,位于立柱16顶部的一个齿50紧靠所述杆34的臂36a,并抵抗定位杆簧38的回复力使得杆34离开其平衡位置。 Meanwhile, the control element 48 causes the release lever 34 pivots counterclockwise, the tooth 50 in a column 16 at the top of the lever 34 against arm 36a, and resists the restoring force of the positioning lever spring 38 causes the lever 34 away from its equilibrium position. 同样地,释放杆34经由其臂36b抵抗致动弹簧30的回复力驱动销28a,使得敲击锤22离开其平衡位置。 Similarly, the release lever 34 via which the actuator arm 36b to resist the restoring force of the spring 30, the drive pin 28a, so that the percussion hammer 22 away from its equilibrium position. 随着释放杆逐渐枢转,其臂36a沿该臂36a与之啮合的齿50滑动直至臂36a脱离所述齿50的那一刻。 With the gradual release lever pivot, sliding teeth 50 along its arm 36a which engages the arm 36a until the arm 36a from the teeth 50 of the moment. 此时,致动弹簧30被突然释放并经由销28a驱动敲击锤22敲击铃碗24。 In this case, the actuating spring 30 is suddenly released via pin 28a driven percussion hammer percussion bell bowl 22 24. 铃声在操作杆钩18从棘轮14的一个齿移到下一个齿从而启动计时器机构4的精确时刻响起。 Ringing in the operating lever hook 18 from one tooth to the next ratchet tooth 14 to initiate the precise moment the timer mechanism 4 rings. 锤22敲击铃碗24以后,通过作用于销28b的回位弹簧32而返回平衡位置,而释放杆34也经由定位杆簧38的作用而返回平衡位置。 Hammer 22 striking the bell 24 after a bowl, by acting on the pin 28b of the return spring 32 to return the position of equilibrium, and the release lever 34 is also positioned through the action of the lever spring 38 returns the equilibrium position.

当计时器机构4停止时,操作杆钩18使得棘轮14向前移动另外一步。 When the timer mechanism 4 is stopped, the operation lever 18 so that the hook ratchet 14 moves forward another step. 此时,释放杆34的臂36a位于两个连续的立柱16之间的间隔内。 At this time, the release arm 34 of the lever 36a is located in the interval 16 between two successive uprights. 在齿50的数目等于立柱16的数目的情况下,当计时器机构4停止时铃不会响。 In the case where the number of teeth 50 is equal to the number of the column 16, and is stopped when the chronograph mechanism 4 not ring a bell. 相反地,如果齿50的数目是立柱16的数目的两倍,与环52成一体的其中一个齿将位于两个立柱16之间的间隔内,并且当计时器机构4停止时振铃机构6将以上文所述的方式被释放。 Conversely, if the number of teeth 50 is twice the number of the column 16, which is integral with the ring 52 will be located in a tooth space 16 between the two uprights, and when the timer mechanism 4 stops ringing mechanism 6 The methods described above is released.

图6示出了根据本发明的振铃机构6的第二实施例。 Figure 6 shows a ring mechanism according to a second embodiment of the present invention of claim 6. 在该实施例中,振铃机构6包括一带簧54,该带簧通过在齿50经过期间的弹性变形而离开其平衡位置。 In this embodiment, the ring mechanism 6 includes a band spring 54, the band spring 50 by the elastic deformation of the tooth period after leaving its equilibrium position. 在齿50经过带簧54的端部后,带簧被突然释放并产生铃声,然后返回其平衡位置,直至下一个齿50经过。 After the end portion 54 of the band spring, the band spring is suddenly released and the teeth 50 generate tones, and then returns to its equilibrium position until the next tooth 50 pass.

毫无疑问,本发明并不限于所述的实施例,本领域的技术人员在不脱离由所附的权利要求书限定的本发明的范围的条件下,可以设想各种简单的修改与变型。 No doubt, the present invention is not limited to the embodiments described, those skilled in the art without departing from the scope of the appended claims the invention as defined conditions, it is contemplated that a variety of simple modifications and variations. 特别地,可以设想齿设置在沿立柱高度的位置内而非设置在立柱的顶部。 In particular, it is contemplated that the height of the teeth provided in a position along the column provided at the top of the column instead.

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